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Small Capsule Lift for Home

Small Capsule Lift for Home, Capsule Elevator / Capsule Lift in Delhi NCR

Three & Five Sided Glass Capsule Lifts Elevators with Range of 8 to 40 Persons

Polo Elevators manufacture capsule lifts in delhi that are installed on the exterior part of the building that elevates the look of the building overall. Capsule lifts are always eye-catching where it creates a sense of excitement to look around the dynamic surroundings from the lifts. We produce these lifts using the latest and advanced technology in the market.

Capsule lifts are an architectural highlight that enhances the beauty of a building and brings life to the structure. The glass viewing panel forms the major feature of the capsule lift that adds to aesthetic attraction as well as allows a person to have an enjoyable and pleasant experience as they take keen interest to look around from the lift itself and fills them with curiosity to know more about places around.


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Capsule lifts are important to any building as they completely change the look of the building. They grab maximum eyeballs when it is exposed to a large crowd. The lifts are integrated with a glass viewing panel and the lift cabin is aesthetically designed in a capsule-like shape which justifies the name. Our capsule lift cabin is exquisite in design and gives a panoramic view of outer surroundings through its glass walls. People who move by this lift find it equally amusing to look around as far as possible of the outside from these capsule lifts.

The capsule lifts are generally installed on the exterior part of the building because of two reasons. First, the capsule lifts itself changes the appearance of the building from the other side where it brings the building to life. Second, when it is befitted on the outer part of the building, it is then that the capsule lift serves its purpose for both people outside the lift to view it as an attraction as well as for people inside the lift to see everything around from the lift.

Inside the capsule lift, 8-40 people can be accommodated depending on the size of the lift having either three-sided glass capsule or five-sided capsule. We are also working upon the design of the octagonal-shaped capsule lifts that will be launched in the coming future.

Yes, we can customize the capsule lifts depending on the requirement. For glass capsule, it can either be divided into three-sided, five-sided or eight-sided capsule. Even the other features of the capsule lifts can be developed as one wants the look of the capsule lift to be such as bottom lit marble floors, bell-shaped roofs or cabin exteriors.

Capsule elevator are the lifts that are installed at the exterior part of the building. This helps in elevating the appearance of the lift. These lifts are an architectural highlight that helps in enhancing the beauty of the building and brings life to any structure.

Polo elevators are the best manufacturers of capsule lift in Delhi/NCR. They help in giving an aesthetic design to the building. We provide highly reliable and aesthetically sound capsule elevators for adding good affect to your everyday experience.

The capsule lift that are designed to give aesthetic look to the building can be bit expensive. However, the cost of capsule lift varies according to the size of the elevator or the requirements of the customers.

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