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Machine Room Less Elevators (MRL) Elevators / Gearless Elevators

Machine Room Less Elevators (MRL) Elevators / Gearless Elevators

Machine Room Less Elevators (MRL) Elevators / Gearless Elevators

Historically, traction and hydraulic have required huge machine rooms to house large equipment, motors, ad hydraulic pumps. Machine room-less elevators, as the name implies, do not necessitate the need for a separate compartment for the motor and accompanying system that allows the elevator to function. Machine room less or MRL elevator is the advanced elevator for vertical transportation. Previously, machine rooms were thought to be absolutely important for an elevator’s smooth performance. A machine room is not required with MRL elevators. This elevator kind is good from an environmental perspective. They have a smaller footprint, more efficient motors, and regenerative drive helps to minimize HVAC demand. When compared to hydraulic elevators, the adoption of MRL elevators will save a large amount of energy. Machine room-less elevator’s traction machinery and controllers have been compacted and positioned in the hoistway. The newly built permanent magnet motors enable manufacturers to install machines in the hoistway overhead obviating the necessity for a machine room above the hoistway. The MRI controllers are located toward the front wall of the hoistway’s facade. MRL elevators have fewer moving components and the design is elegant and can be beautifully tailored to the client’s needs.  


MRL has powerfully eliminated the need for bulky machine room on the roof. The Machine room-less elevators employ a gearless traction type mechanism, which results in greater performance and ride quality when compared to hydraulic elevators. The absence of machine rooms can be tremendously beneficial to the building in which it is located. The MRL elevator eliminates the economic and environmental concerns associated with a subterranean hydraulic cylinder loaded with hydraulic oil. The ability to save 30% to 80% on electricity is a compelling reason to seek MRL elevators. The machine room-less elevators are ideal for low-rise buildings since they save space, money, and time. Installing MRL elevators is a wise decision as they are slightly less expensive than other elevator kinds because of the VVVF( Variable Voltage Variable Frequency) drive.


 The machine room elevators sought to defy all odds by reshaping how a regular elevator worked. Polo Elevators manufactures high-caliber machine room-less elevators with the use of our innovative ability to ensure an efficient and comfortable ride.

 With Polo Elevators, you will experience exceptional ride quality with MRI’s superior performance.  

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