Lifting India the Smarter Way


Now Ride hassle-free

Your elevator got an APP! Yes, you can access it on your android or ios wherein an online concierge will help you forge your complaints and other grievances if any you have with respect to operations of your lift.

Mobile App


24*7 availability

You can lodge a complaint anytime and from anywhere. No need to be worried about the time in the clock, or the hour of the day, you are welcome to put in your grievances and we shall get back to you.

No more hustling with the operator:

Because there isn’t any. We are connected directly through the customer care team who attentively monitor these complaints which you lodge and you have no call queue to wait in.

No more explaining the problem:

You can simply click the picture of the problem area, be it the touch panel or any other issue related to your lift which you need us to assist you with.

With technological advancement in the way you commute, inside a building, there is a need for how you address the problem as well when it comes to that ride, and we are sure this app is the next step you wanted, an app to operate your ride.

Revolutionary Breakthrough

We believe in happy customers and your satisfaction is our first priority. We promised an impeccable after service, this app that effort to remove all the barriers in between you and Polo. Being the first to introduce a concierge service in the arena of vertical transportation, we are changing the way consumers have experienced owning an elevator.

Mobile APP