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POLO Elevators Customization Solutions

Elevators Customization Solutions

POLO Elevators Customization Solutions

One-stop where all your needs are catered; customized vertical traveling solutions for places where the shaft is not readily available.

Your Elevator, Your Rules

The autonomy to design your own car is something you can imagine and make possible with Polo. With our expertise and your imagination, we will create your dream car!

What all comes under customization?

“Sophisticated, Elegant, Classy, Modern, Upbeat”

A few adjectives for the interiors we offer to you to select from! 

Color Customization:

Choose from our wide range of colors few of which are Silver/ Golden/ Rose Gold/ Wooden. Pick what matches your soul and vibe!

Preferred Material:

The structure and composition are the next important things to look after picking up the colors. We have the following materials to offer:

  • SS
  • MS- Powder coating
  • Wooden finish
  • Glass

Glass Panels:

It needs to stand out. We offer glass panels in various options:-

  • Customized pictures
  • Designs of your choice
  • Digital Print on Glass


The welcome must be grand, and that is where your Door plays its part. When it comes to Doors, we have:

  • Full vision glass doors
  • Designer Glass doors
  • Designer cut finish glass doors
  • Without the glass door

Car Operating Panels:

We already discussed about the beautification of the panels. Now let’s see the types you can pick from.

  • Touch Panel (Black/ White)
  • Touch Panel with Biometric/ Num- Lock/ Access Card options
  • Customized touch panel (Customized Marking on different floors- Name/ Picture/ Logo)
  • Stainless Steel heavy duty button panel (Silver/ Golden)


The Floor needs some attention now. So, what is the kind of flooring you want to step on every day? We have:

  • Sparkling finish Vinyl mat (Red/ Yellow/ Grey/ Blue)
  •  Marble 
  •  Vitrified tiles
  • Illuminated skirting


A brainstorming session, crowded office hour and eerie silence gets your head to look up and wonder, why not wonder with a view you prefer?

  • Centre laser cut design (Customized or a variety of designs/ Picture of your choice)
  • Lights - Centre cut with neon color lights options (Indirect Light)
  • Direct false ceiling light - Square/ Circle/ Spotlight

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