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Polo Elevators manufacture Stair Lifts adding to the medical support apart from the Hospital Lifts. We believe in inclusive service where we care and work for the specially-abled people as well as for those whose movement is restricted. There should be no reason for people with reduced movement ability to keep their mobility limited. In order to add wings to this section of people, we manufacture Stairlifts so that they can move with full freedom as well without any threat to their movement.

We are leading in the manufacture of both the stairlifts as well as the wheelchair lamps accommodating all the modern needs and requirements by both the specially-abled and other people.

We manufacture the stairlifts with a strong belief that mobility should not be restricted due to physical, mental or genetic ill-being and every human has the right to move without barriers in any environment.

Our commitment to care, service, and ability to listen has helped us keep the focus on the needs and requirements of aged and people with special needs and provide them with the most self-reliant equipment and accessories for barrier-free living.

Our belief is to be "people's people" and create friendly and long-lasting relationships with our customers. Our brand’s promise of "The Human Touch" is delivered through our values of Quality, Honesty, Responsibility, and Compassion.

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The stairlifts are helpful for any person with reduced mobility as these stairlifts will enable the required person to move freely to any place to which stairlift is installed. This instils a sense of freedom and confidence in the person and helps them make self-reliant in their actions and work.

The elevators that are used to give support apart from the hospital lift. This type of lift is used for the specially abled people or for those whose movement is restricted. Chair lift provides support to the people who cannot move due to any reasons.

Polo elevators, are one of the best manufacturers of chair lifts in Delhi/NCR. We provide chair lifts accommodating all the modern needs and requirements by the specially abled people.

The chair lift is designed for specially-abled people. Our commitment is to provide care, service, and ability according to the needs of the people. However, the cost of chair lift varies according to the customer’s requirements.

A stair lift has a seat that a person can sit in and ride up to the stairs. Whereas a chair lift is a vertical lift having a platform lift that can be designed to help a wheelchair to travel up one level. The stair lifts are used by the people who use various walkers or other collapsible assistive walking devices. The stair lift may come in various categories like straight rail, curved rail, indoor, and even outdoor. A chair lift looks somewhat like a recliner that can be found in dens and family rooms. It helps in assisting a person’s limited mobility from a sit to stand position.

*We are also experts in Passenger Lifts manufacturing. Take a look at the what, why and how it is beneficial to commercial centres dealing with a number of people.

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