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A DO’s and Don’ts guide for your Home Elevator


Investing in an elevator for your home is a huge investment, they are expensive and not a one-time investment. There are maintenance and other costs involved which one needs to bear, according to the need. Every elevator comes with a manual and even a plate pasted inside or outside on which do’s and don’ts are mentioned which needs to be followed. In this blog, we would be covering more specific and detailed points which will help you maintain the elevator’s performance, operations, and safety, in all ensuring to give your elevator a long life.


To increase the longevity of the Elevator:

  1. When you are cleaning your elevator or washing the area adjacent to the lobby, beware that the water doesn’t go inside the lift shaft. Along the shaft, there are safety circuits installed inside and water entering can lead to a breakdown which will result in a short circuit turning the elevator unsafe to use.

  2. There is another way in which the water enters the elevator that is around a fire drill. Around such drills or fire water system testing, the possibility of water running into the shaft is highly likely or over the car top, causing severe damage to the components that are sensitive to the elevator.

  3. Force stopping the elevator with the help of hands or any object as soon as the elevator is landing.

  4. The way you can save electricity is through not pressing both lobby buttons and buttons inside the elevator multiple times because of that first leads in a delay to other calls, and of course, increase the electricity bill. For this educate all your family members so that such situations can be refracted.


To ensure safety: 

  1. Keep your kids away from the lobby area which is near the elevator doors because they playing around that area is very risky and they become prone to accidents.

  2. Only turn to professional help when comes to anyone trapped inside an elevator because unsafe rescue is way more dangerous than that person remaining trapped inside. If you are concerned about the ventilation, then don’t because there is enough air to breathe. The fear which is inside people is psychological.

  3. You should get training from the maintenance agency to ensure that in such SOS situations, you are all well-equipped both mentally and on a skill basis.

  4. There should be a properly documented Dos and Don’ts by the company itself pasted inside and outside the elevator.

Things to be careful about:

  • Check the light curtain, intercom and emergency bell on a regular basis.
  • Be cautious of any unusual sounds while you travel in the elevator.
  • Once in a while fire drills should be conducted.
  • Ask for a detailed report from your maintenance company.
  • The annual health report of your elevator is also important.
  • The machine room should be visited once in a few months to get a real-time condition of the space and machinery.

These are a few ways in which you can ensure that you, your family and your elevator stay intact.

By POLO Elevators - Elevator Suppliers & Manufacturers

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